Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thurston Road

The area is about a half-hour north of D.C. right to the west of I270. It's a little short piece, but I figure by the end of summer I should have a bunch of little sections stitched into an actual route.

Where the lower blue line meets the yellow is where Clarksburg Rd meets Barnesville Rd. Both of these roads were light on traffic and pretty lazy hills and shallow sweepers. Nothing crazy, just nice and relaxed as you pass a small town or two and some horse farms. (Which is something to keep an eye out for - there are some tractors and flatbeds hauling hay around and several times I crossed dried mud tracks that had been made when one pulled out on the road.)

Things start getting nicer once you turn right onto Old Hundred Road. Things get a little more rural and the road not so straight. About 2 1/2 or 3 miles on you take a left and there it is: Thurston Road. Looks a little beat - bumpy from lots of patching, but a mile or so on (where it crosses county lines) it was repaved and looked almost perfect. Really started to throw in some curves - mainly blind ones where trees blocked your view - including a couple of those dive bomb turns where you crest, do a sharpish curve one way, and then turn the other for a long descender where you can you turn the throttle and let the revs and speed build. Nice. I don't think I saw 2 cars on the whole stretch. Saw several bikes though - seems lots of people know about this section.

After a few miles of this I was surprised to hit a ramp for 270. So turn around a do it backwards. This is really a nice couple of miles that you could just go back and forth on a couple of times.

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  1. I grew up off of Thurston Road. My parents still live there. Just watch out for the gravel in the turns by the horse farms. The marbles there will put you in the fence in a heartbeat, especially the day after a hard rain