Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hi, My Name Is Screws/When The Weather Breaks

Hi, my name is Screws. This is my first post to FTW Maryland- Thanks to the FTW folks for considering me to post.

Story time. I moved to Hampden in 2005 and was taken in by a group of guys called the Lowsiders (not to be confused with Lowside Magazine, run by another group of great folks that I just met recently). The Lowsiders become the Unholy Swarm, and it ran solid for a few years before becoming overly organized and pretty much disbanded. There's a few of us from the Swarm that have Unholy Motorsports , which was in Highlandtown but now is in a two-car garage in Hampden.

The original Lowsiders and a few of Swarm guys still ride together- These guys that I ride with (and who really taught me how to ride proper) like to run the upper part of Baltimore County into Pennsylvania- it's called the Prettyboy run- it runs up through Prettyboy Dam, the reservoir that serves Baltimore City.

the stopover at prettyboy on a perfect sunday

When the weather breaks, usually around mid-April, we meet at The Filling Station on Falls Road around 11Am on Sunday and ride- Usually varying versions of the Prettyboy run. We end up at Rocket To Venus (owned by two of the original Lowsiders) for some good food and booze which makes for a great Sunday of riding and brotherhood/camaraderie/hijinks.

If you are reading this you are more than welcome to come along for the ride. Smalltimore being what it is I almost guarantee you'll know one or more of the regulars that run this Sunday ride.


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  1. So you guys are running mostly motards on these trips? Been looking for some new rides. I ride with a group of Euro bike riders (ducati, MVAugusta, bmw)on the back roads of southern maryland.

    shoot me an email ( you guys plan to ride, I'd like to hook up one sunday and take that ride, sounds fun...might take me awhile to get up there (i'm about 1 hour south of B-more).

    -Charlie Baltimore