Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Awesome early Spring in the Mid-Atlantic. Easter Sunday was an awesome day to ride.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Balto to Philly for a Cheese Steak

My buddy Julian and myself rolled out of Balto around 10 and headed up to Philly for a Cheese Steak and some chilly back road riding. We took 95 north and split off around Bel Air and Took HWY 1. Nice day for a ride, but cold. Made a few stops and finally got to Genos around 1. Did the taste challenge over Geno's or Pats. And i must say that Genos is the way to go. And gotta get it with Wiz. Done. We rolled out to old town waterfront and parked in front of the Triumph Brewery for a brew. It was around 3 and was ready for the ride home. We went against the grain and opted for the 95 south route to get home. Was better than sittin on the couch or shufflin around the apt.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back Country Roundabout 1

So i still consider myself a newbie to Balto but mainly East Coast. So while i'm out here i'm trying to hit as many back roads as possible to get to know the lay of the land and i've found some pretty damn nice rides. Since i'm from PDX its been challenging because i'm used to rides from coast to Mts then to finish the day off in the desert tundra. With that said my buddy Julian and I are going to be hitting the backroads every weekend and trying to log around 200 miles exploring. So here's trip one. Although we've ridden quite a bit, these saturday rides are going to be different rides each week and if were missing something to do for sure just let us know. And if you want to roll out with us feel free to come along, any scoot will do. Julian rides a custom Harley, I ride a pig of a Honda but its gotten me 40K miles so far so I love her.

A couple of weeks ago we went up 95 to 695 E, and got off on Harford rd. and headed N. It was overcast and 60's, so it was a cold ride, but better than sitting on the couch or walking around balto. Harford road is one of my favorite "get out for an hour rides" gets into the farmland pretty quickly and some curves. A little time along a creek makes living in balto better. This trip we took Fork Rd east out towards 23 and rolled upto Jarrettsville. A good spot to stretch the legs and look at the sea of sunflowers make sure to head back when the sun was shining. From there we went E on 23 and got on 238 to Hereford and grabbed a bite at Mcdonalds and thaw out for a minute. the hand dryer's "hand warmer"in the mens room was busted so we stretched out, ate and warmed up. we were ready to head back into town. We took 45/York rd south to 695. And 695 to 95 S and home. first outting. More to come.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Triumph Renegade Ride in Baltimore

Renegades will be be supporting the "Do the Ton" Riders Annual ride on April 17th, 2011.
This ride, led by Vince Luppo and his 1966 Honda CB77 Super Hawk Special, will take you through the twisties in northern Baltimore County, formerly known as the Fox and Hounds trail.
Renegades will be meeting at the usual meet up place, The Exxon ...Station, Falls Road at Joppa Road at 8:30 am to meet up with the Ton Up riders for breakfast at Martha and Mary's Restaurant, 75 Main Street, Reisterstown Md, 21136, at 9:00 am.
Those who wish to ride may either ride up with the Renegades or just show up at Martha and Mary's!!

more info:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hi, My Name Is Screws/When The Weather Breaks

Hi, my name is Screws. This is my first post to FTW Maryland- Thanks to the FTW folks for considering me to post.

Story time. I moved to Hampden in 2005 and was taken in by a group of guys called the Lowsiders (not to be confused with Lowside Magazine, run by another group of great folks that I just met recently). The Lowsiders become the Unholy Swarm, and it ran solid for a few years before becoming overly organized and pretty much disbanded. There's a few of us from the Swarm that have Unholy Motorsports , which was in Highlandtown but now is in a two-car garage in Hampden.

The original Lowsiders and a few of Swarm guys still ride together- These guys that I ride with (and who really taught me how to ride proper) like to run the upper part of Baltimore County into Pennsylvania- it's called the Prettyboy run- it runs up through Prettyboy Dam, the reservoir that serves Baltimore City.

the stopover at prettyboy on a perfect sunday

When the weather breaks, usually around mid-April, we meet at The Filling Station on Falls Road around 11Am on Sunday and ride- Usually varying versions of the Prettyboy run. We end up at Rocket To Venus (owned by two of the original Lowsiders) for some good food and booze which makes for a great Sunday of riding and brotherhood/camaraderie/hijinks.

If you are reading this you are more than welcome to come along for the ride. Smalltimore being what it is I almost guarantee you'll know one or more of the regulars that run this Sunday ride.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting ready to head to the Lowbrow Holeshot

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vincent Comet

A friend who's a Vincent owner has a little get together every year and something interesting always shows up. Or rather, several somethings. Here we have a 51 Vincent Comet 500cc single. There was another one there too. A while later someone showed up with another in the back of a van. 3 Vincent Comets. They were not highly regarded among collectors until about the last 10 years I'm told, and now they're very sought after. It's not just a half a Rapide / Shadow either - it has different cases and what-not.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thurston Road

The area is about a half-hour north of D.C. right to the west of I270. It's a little short piece, but I figure by the end of summer I should have a bunch of little sections stitched into an actual route.

Where the lower blue line meets the yellow is where Clarksburg Rd meets Barnesville Rd. Both of these roads were light on traffic and pretty lazy hills and shallow sweepers. Nothing crazy, just nice and relaxed as you pass a small town or two and some horse farms. (Which is something to keep an eye out for - there are some tractors and flatbeds hauling hay around and several times I crossed dried mud tracks that had been made when one pulled out on the road.)

Things start getting nicer once you turn right onto Old Hundred Road. Things get a little more rural and the road not so straight. About 2 1/2 or 3 miles on you take a left and there it is: Thurston Road. Looks a little beat - bumpy from lots of patching, but a mile or so on (where it crosses county lines) it was repaved and looked almost perfect. Really started to throw in some curves - mainly blind ones where trees blocked your view - including a couple of those dive bomb turns where you crest, do a sharpish curve one way, and then turn the other for a long descender where you can you turn the throttle and let the revs and speed build. Nice. I don't think I saw 2 cars on the whole stretch. Saw several bikes though - seems lots of people know about this section.

After a few miles of this I was surprised to hit a ramp for 270. So turn around a do it backwards. This is really a nice couple of miles that you could just go back and forth on a couple of times.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring is in the air!!!

The Maryland Chapter of the "Gameland Gobblers MC" are coming closer and closer to the Spring ride to "The Dragon" in the great Smoky Mtns.

Check out some of the great places to ride and people you can meet there:

Places to stay:
Eden Crest Cabin Rentals

Places to see:

Wheels through time

The Dragon
Cherohala Skyway

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charm City Mods vs Rockers Rally

DATE August 28, 2010
DIRECTIONS 801 Woodrow Ave Essex, MD

CITY / STATE Essex, Maryland (MD)

Southern Maryland to Annapolis Day Run

This is a technical run with lots of narrow roads that curve along the bay in southern Maryland, and head north into Annapolis.

Start off with a great cup of coffee at the Fabulous Brew Cafe...

Fabulous Brew Cafe

11 W Friendship Rd

Friendship, MD 20758

Head out of parking lot turn right south on 261
Left turn on Fairhaven Rd
Right turn on (Leitch Rd) Franklin gibson Rd.
Turns into Nutwell Sudley Rd.
Turn right on to route 2 north.

*Gas stop at Harwood gas station to the left at @ Harwood Rd**

Turn left at harwood road
Turns into Patuxent River Rd
Stay to the right on Rossback Rd (after route 50 overpass)
Cross over Davidsonville Rd (4 lane road...route 424)
Make left on Rutland Rd (a sharp left after tight right hander)
at Defense hwy (route 450) make left turn
Make very first right hand turn (St. Stephens Church Rd)
stay to right on to waterbury rd
Turn right on Severn Chapel Rd
Right on Waterbury Rd
Right turn on Generals hwy

**food stop Ram's head Road house**

Continue on 178 to Bestgate Rd make left
Turns into Rowe Blvd...continue on into downtown Annapolis and enjoy the waterfront.

Saturday, December 12, 2009