Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back Country Roundabout 1

So i still consider myself a newbie to Balto but mainly East Coast. So while i'm out here i'm trying to hit as many back roads as possible to get to know the lay of the land and i've found some pretty damn nice rides. Since i'm from PDX its been challenging because i'm used to rides from coast to Mts then to finish the day off in the desert tundra. With that said my buddy Julian and I are going to be hitting the backroads every weekend and trying to log around 200 miles exploring. So here's trip one. Although we've ridden quite a bit, these saturday rides are going to be different rides each week and if were missing something to do for sure just let us know. And if you want to roll out with us feel free to come along, any scoot will do. Julian rides a custom Harley, I ride a pig of a Honda but its gotten me 40K miles so far so I love her.

A couple of weeks ago we went up 95 to 695 E, and got off on Harford rd. and headed N. It was overcast and 60's, so it was a cold ride, but better than sitting on the couch or walking around balto. Harford road is one of my favorite "get out for an hour rides" gets into the farmland pretty quickly and some curves. A little time along a creek makes living in balto better. This trip we took Fork Rd east out towards 23 and rolled upto Jarrettsville. A good spot to stretch the legs and look at the sea of sunflowers make sure to head back when the sun was shining. From there we went E on 23 and got on 238 to Hereford and grabbed a bite at Mcdonalds and thaw out for a minute. the hand dryer's "hand warmer"in the mens room was busted so we stretched out, ate and warmed up. we were ready to head back into town. We took 45/York rd south to 695. And 695 to 95 S and home. first outting. More to come.

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